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Forecasting informs vital decision-making across a life sciences organization, from the C-suite to Finance through to Commercial and Manufacturing.

Unlocking even more value requires an “ecosystem” approach—one where challenges are met with technology and expertise. This approach supports confident business planning and investments throughout the organization.

A “forecasting ecosystem” is a collection of effective, efficient processes and tools enabling activities necessary to forecast a product or portfolio.

Forecasting Processes
  • Forecast flow and key drivers
  • Data and information sources
  • Stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • Calendar of activities, deliverables, reviews and submission
  • Assumption generation and forecast development 
Forecasting Tools
  • Historical and projected estimates on epidemiology, patients on therapy, units, distribution and financials
  • Transparent inputs, calculations and outputs
  • Standardization and interconnectivity across forecasting components

Trinity is a long-established forecasting partner to the life sciences industry. Our dedicated forecasting team combines strategy, research and technical expertise, employing a suite of well-designed tools and well-considered assumptions.

Trinity Forecasting has extensive experience across therapeutic areas, modalities and the product lifecycle:

Strategic Forecasts

Operational Forecasts

BD/Deal Term Forecasts, including NPV

Market Access Forecasting for Pricing & Contracting

Trinity forecasts are supported by best-in-class offerings across the Commercial Analytics suite, as well as Contract Analytics, Pricing, Business Development, Primary Market Research and Real-World Evidence. With these inputs in mind, Trinity creates robust, functional tools fully informed by the best possible assumptions.

Forecasting engagements include design, build, calibration and communication phases—and often ongoing operational support. Whether clients need an onsite dedicated resource to prepare for long-range planning, ongoing monthly support to actualize a model or on-demand resources to fill the role of an in-house forecasting team, Trinity provides full-service forecasting support.

Our forecasting offerings include:

  • Forecasting Ecosystem (Infrastructure and Process) Roadmaps
  • Forecasting Ecosystem Development
  • Assumptions and Forecast Generation
  • Forecasting Support & Training

Time and effort spent on common operational forecasting challenges take stakeholder mind space away from critical discussions on business dynamics. These operational inefficiencies can be mitigated—and ultimately business decision-making can be focused on the outcomes—by effective forecasting collaboration.  

All Trinity Forecasting projects are powered by Trinity CloudCast™.

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Trinity CloudCast™

Unlock forecasting value across the organization with revolutionary technology

Trinity CloudCast is an online solution that establishes structured data and information flows to support streamlined, impactful business discussions. Built by forecasters for forecasters, CloudCast provides powerful custom tools, best-in‑class data management and the familiarity of Excel in an enterprise solution to truly empower higher quality decision-making.

CloudCast serves as an organization’s central forecasting destination, built to consolidate models, visualize outputs and communicate insights. It offers unmatched convenience and speed throughout the forecasting process and enables a single source of truth across many stakeholders, assets or geographies.

CloudCast Brochure cover

Trinity CloudCast Brochure

Users spend more time on the high value aspects of forecasting and modeling, and less time on data aggregation and organization:

  • Models are delivered and retained as formula-driven Excel files—there is no learning curve
  • Models are transparent and trackable vs. a black box
  • CloudCast’s Industry-leading capabilities

    Forecasting teams leverage CloudCast’s industry-leading scalability and consolidation capabilities to:

    Improve stakeholder alignment and understanding of drivers and assumptions

    Gear pointing to three different shapes

    Immediately adapt the forecast to stakeholder feedback and needs


    Manage efficient stakeholder communications, whether providing inputs to strategic planning, the latest estimates or guidance to prepare for earnings calls

    4 different sources feeding into the clouds

    Collaborate on and update models in the cloud

    3 points combining to a single source of truth

    Provide an easily accessible “single source of truth” globally

    Three data sources feeding into a single chart

    Integrate disparate sources of data


Trinity CloudCast

Models retained in Excel

Models retained in Excel

  • Transparent formulas
  • Model design flexibility
  • Quick model deployment

Single source of truth

Single source of truth

  • Version control
  • Permission control
  • Unlimited version storage

Assumption generation

Assumption generation

  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Intuitive scenario planning
  • Painless collaboration

Seamless reporting

Seamless reporting

  • One-click aggregation
  • Scenario comparison
  • Version comparison
  • Easy PowerPoint refresh

Placing a model in CloudCast is a quick and easy process.

Trinity’s team of expert forecasters, modelers and consultants work with new clients so they can start using their models in Trinity CloudCast in no time. The solution complements and integrates with each client’s existing software assets, allowing the team to deliver best-in-class time to deployment.

CloudCast gives life sciences teams a tailored, transparent and trackable forecasting and modeling tool.

“I am a highly satisfied client of Trinity Partner’s CloudCast Forecasting Platform and their services as a strategic partner in Forecasting for Oncology. I have previously worked in environments using standalone spreadsheets and entirely cloud-based planning modules. There are limitations to both systems, and I have found that Trinity’s approach of blending custom Excel models with the web-based forecast manager is a perfect fit in a dynamic biotech environment.”

Andrew Jessup, Director of Forecasting & Business Analytics

Crafting impactful contract strategy requires expertise in life sciences and deep U.S. payer, provider, government policy, regulatory, distribution and finance knowledge.

Trinity’s Contract Analytics offering provides advisory services powered by CloudCast that allow clients to establish confident contract and price change strategies with full understanding of the financial impact on payers, providers and all other stakeholders (wholesalers, GPO, etc.)

See CloudCast in action:

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