Key Questions About Social Media in 2019

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PM360  |  January 17, 2019

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Sue Lipinski, TGaS® Advisors, a division of Trinity

At an individual brand level, it’s highly unlikely that social media platform activity will decrease based upon the social media scandals from 2018. Most of the marketing efforts that TGaS benchmarks are showing that brands leverage these platforms intelligently and with great consideration. Now, if their key driver analysis (KDA) or ROI analysis indicates little to no value from social media, then you will see a decrease. However, at a corporate level, pharmaceutical companies leverage these platforms for corporate recruitment, investor relations, clinical research, and beyond.

Those organizations concerned about privacy management and corporate reputation may be willing to readjust their social media strategy if another significant scandal knowingly compromises their user base. Companies absolutely need to honor their published privacy policy, but the reality is that it’s up to individual users to become their own CPO (Chief Privacy Officer) and monitor what level of personally identifiable data they share with online platforms.