“Picking Winners: Portfolio Management for a New Era” White Paper Now Available

Waltham, MA, April 3, 2024—Trinity Life Sciences, a leader in global life sciences commercialization solutions, unveils its Industry Impact Series—a thought leadership series designed to identify key issues that will revolutionize the way therapeutics are developed and commercialized in the years ahead. The first installment of the series, a white paper entitled Picking Winners: Portfolio Management for a New Era, explores the challenges biopharma companies face in selecting the right therapies to advance into the clinic and the market.

According to an analysis conducted by Trinity, 62% of products launched between September 2019 and December 2021 underperformed expectations in the first year of launch. Moreover, of the 55 therapeutics approved by the FDA in 2023, only 11 were the first FDA-approved drug for the approved indication, and 32 of the 44 remaining drugs were follow-on entrants of already approved indications. Despite the potential for innovation, many organizations continue to advance the “wrong” therapies into the market, delivering neither clinically meaningful benefit to patients nor value to shareholders. Trinity believes this is due to a failure to use early stage gates to quick-kill programs unlikely to succeed commercially given the current and evolving competitive environment.

According to the white paper, the issue is not vision, commitment or capability, but how companies are organized and incentivized. With critical functions operating in silos and cross-functional collaboration strained with high workloads, decision-making processes—particularly within pipeline—often fail to account for or prioritize long-term commercial considerations.

Trinity recommends that companies take new approaches in three key areas to enable true innovation that yields clinical and commercial value. First, R&D organizations must redefine incentives to advance the right assets into the clinic with a focus on quality rather than quantity.

Second, companies must define innovation in a way that can be objectively measured, enables a data- and AI- driven approach to pipeline prioritization and informs incentivization strategies.

For example, Trinity objectively identifies areas of need and innovation using objective, AI-driven comparative intelligence. The company leverages this approach to support internal decision making around individual assets while guiding broader portfolio decision making. Trinity’s Innovation Index leverages insights-based and AI-driven approaches to evaluating innovation across a company’s portfolio, identifying areas of exposure and potential upside to guide portfolio decision making.

Finally, inclusion of commercial perspectives in decision making around early assets can enable quick kill of those with limited potential before considerable capital investments are made.

“Transforming patient outcomes and achieving commercial success demands more than ‘me too’ drugs or new therapies that only provide incremental benefit compared with established treatment options,” said Leslie Orne, President and CEO of Trinity Life Sciences. “Our data-driven recommendations can align an organization around a common vision, better facilitate collaboration and productivity, and optimize investment decisions.”

The focus of Trinity’s Industry Impact Series in 2024 explores how biopharma can reimagine the blockbuster and translate scientific innovation to commercial success. The series is designed to leverage the totality of Trinity’s background as a life sciences partner supporting strategy, insights and analytics across the product lifecycle. 

Life sciences executives are welcome to download the Picking Winners: Portfolio Management for a New Era white paper by clicking here.

Members of the media can contact Elizabeth Marshall for the white paper at

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