Biosimilar Differentiation Strategy

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Trinity developed a strategy to drive differentiation of a biosimilar through service offerings and contracting in Canada, and select LatAm and MEA countries.

Geographic Scope:

Client Situation:

The client wanted to identify the service offerings and contracting that can drive differentiation and preference of a biosimilar versus the originator biologic and other biosimilars.

Trinity’s Solution

Trinity conducted an internal working session with the local and regional team to vet hypotheses, followed by a semi-qual / quant primary research program moderated in local language with n=185 stakeholders, including key opinion leaders (KOLs), physicians, nurses, hospital administrators and payers.


  • Catalogue of value-added services and contracts offered by the originator biologic across market segments
  • Biosimilar defense strategies implemented by the manufacturer of the originator biologic
  • Stakeholder influence map outlining formal and informal leverage points to drive biosimilar uptake
  • Service offering and contracting expectations for biosimilars and impact on biosimilar differentiation
  • Strategic recommendations to drive differentiation of a biosimilar

Project Outcomes & Impact

Trinity was able to support the client with driving differentiation of a biosimilar through service offerings and contracting, with strategies tailored to market segment.

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