How to Approach Asset Valuation in Pharma & Biotech:

Putting a price tag on emerging therapies

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Pharma and biotech companies are innovation drivers at the frontlines of research and development. To fund and support this promising science, there is a great need for partnerships and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to drive the growth/pipeline of the industry. For these collaborative relationships to occur, understanding the value of a company’s underlying assets is of the utmost importance.

Since Trinity’s founding, multiple pharma and biotech clients have relied on its expertise in forecast and valuing assets. These engagements have grown both in amount and in deal value following recent venture investment trends in the life sciences space. Between 2012 and 2017, both total investments and average investments per financing event have increased by ~20% per year.

Companies with no launched products or even pre-clinical assets have sought our expertise to help them recognize the potential behind their innovative research. Armed with this knowledge, they can either better understand their own value and come to partnership discussions from a position of strength or use this information to help maximize funding. For companies in these situations, being in control of the story is essential. With this white paper, we briefly look at the valuation of pharma and biotech assets and explore some of the specific nuances involved.

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