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How can/should you leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) to improve commercial performance?

Cut through the AIML hype with evidence and expertise. TGaS Advisors has two decades of experience and expertise helping companies inform decisions with fact-based data and industry best practices. We are bringing our tried-and-true approach to AIML with a solution enabling life sciences companies to go on the AIML journey in an objective, evidence-based way.

What AIML initiatives should be prioritized, and how should they be implemented in commercial organizations:

  • What AIML initiatives should be prioritized?
  • How should initiatives be implemented?
  • What does good look like?

Areas of Focus

  • Strategy and Prioritization of AIML Initiatives

    Many companies are looking for a roadmap or blueprint to understand and plan AIML initiatives for their commercial organization. Companies can leverage TGaS expertise and experience with a six-to-eight-week project with organizational stakeholders and workshops to rank potential AIML initiatives by impact to the business, feasibility, cost, timelines and many other metrics.

    Many companies also have challenges with educating or bringing the organization on board in adopting AIML initiatives. TGaS can also provide and lead learning sessions to help organizations understand the potential of this new approach to analytics and organizational operations.

  • Thought Partner for AIML Challenges

    Tap into the expertise of the TGaS solution leader who has wide experience in helping companies think through and leverage AIML for commercial purposes, leading dozens of AIML projects and hundreds of discussions to help companies:

    • Identify undiagnosed rare-disease patients and associate them with relevant Health Care Providers (HCPs) to significantly improve targeting efficiencies
    • Develop HCP alerts programs based on near real-time information about the patients in an HCP’s practice who are likely to need a brand’s therapy
    • Analyze patient journeys using AIML to identify key predictors of patient transitions
    • Improve patient support programs by identifying patients most likely to not adhere to therapy
    • Estimate undiagnosed patient populations for new product planning
    • Predict treatment response for new therapies
    • Develop predictive models for potential clinical support tools
    • Optimize marketing channel investment
    • Develop key driver analyses for brands
    • Gain guidance on integrating the many available data sources for AIML analytics, such as medical and prescription claims, EMR, lab, patient registry and consumer data, and the relative value and potential idiosyncrasies of using each for AIML analytics
    • Understand possible AIML commercial execution applications in the pharma industry across different stakeholders

    Utilize the TGaS Benchmarking Membership to get your AIML questions answered

    • TGaS Benchmarking Membership: Information and advice from industry experts and peers, including advisory support, landscapes, Virtual Hows, semi-annual Summits, and more (available to the TGaS Advisors Client Network)
  • Forward-Thinking Perspectives

    TGaS surveys the pharma commercial organization landscape to help companies understand AIML best practices, best-use cases and best vendors. We are focused on collecting and sharing with our network of partners the most up-to-date information about what is working and what is not working for pharma organizations as they embark on adopting AIML for their operations. We are focused specifically on pharma commercial-facing organizations to benchmark the best practices for their unique operational challenges.

TGaS Advisors Benchmarking Membership

Information and advice from industry experts and peers, including advisory support, landscapes, Virtual Hows, semi-annual Summits, and more (available to the TGaS Advisors Client Network).

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