Sabrina Jordan

Sabrina Jordan

Associate Director

Sabrina is a highly experienced qualitative healthcare market research professional, skilled in applying behavioral science to solving clients’ branding challenges. Sabrina leverages her skills as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to uncover respondent’s language patterns and the emotional and unconscious triggers that drive decision-making and influence behavior.​

Skilled in conducting in-depth qualitative interviews/focus groups/bulletin boards (in-person, on-line) and ethnography, Sabrina is able to weave findings into strategically-oriented output with actionable recommendations to help clients better understand their customers’ language and motivations, detect new opportunities and identify effective communication strategies. Sabrina has extensive background moderating patient and caregiver interviews, especially with vulnerable patients who experience a high burden of disease.​

In addition to her language and behavioral expertise, Sabrina holds a BA from University College Dublin and MA from the University of Sussex, England.

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