Julie Bayley

Julie Bayley

Associate Director

Julie is a highly evocative moderator, equally adept at relating to respondents from KOLs, to clinicians, to patients, eliciting keen and candid insights from all. She has spent over 20 years as a market researcher and consultant, commencing her career in the consumer and political  spaces before discovering her passion for the life sciences. She has experience in numerous clinical areas with a particular emphasis on rare disease, oncology, GI disorders and underserved patient populations.​

She is skilled at conducting HCP dyads as she is particularly  gifted at drawing out divergent points of view in a non-combative, collaborative atmosphere.  ​

She has done extensive work in Sickle Cell Disease, Multiple Myeloma, MDS and Hemophilia along with multiple oncology areas that disproportionately affect POC.​

Julie studied Acting and Writing at Syracuse University and did graduate work in Philosophy at the University of Western Australia.

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