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Smart, efficient launch planning with pharma’s first and only benchmark-based tool.

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Trinity has taken a modernized approach to launch planning, execution and tracking with our proprietary Launch Accelerator technology. All aspects of the tool are designed to support the unique needs of launching biopharma products globally.

Trinity’s Launch Accelerator allows customized, tech-enabled support for each client’s launch by leveraging recent “real world” launches to guide cross-functional global launch and PMO teams:
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Useful for all life sciences launch engagements, including creating customized roadmaps and detailed launch plans, as well as conducting gaps/risks assessments, ongoing strategic advisory/PMO support and other launch readiness-related needs

Built on best practices and key learnings gleaned from 50+ local and global launch engagements across many therapeutic areas/client types and informed by proprietary industry benchmark data within the TGaS Advisors Launch Excellence Advisory Database (LEAD)

Enables workflow automation, customizable visualizations and streamlined cross-functional project management with a flexible, dynamic and user-friendly launch interface designed to accelerate communication, transparency, collaboration and alignment in the cloud

Facilitates the process so that teams can focus on effective and efficient execution

Flexible and tailored for each client’s situation and evolving needs

Allows for shorter project time, increased quality and accuracy in plan development and easy progress visibility at the leadership level

Eliminates version control issues

Clients can access plans directly from our easy-to-use cloud-based project management Launch Accelerator tool. Collaboration and communications are streamlined with Gantt charts, dashboards and reports generated from the Launch Accelerator, all of which can be customized and configured by Trinity launch experts or by a life sciences company’s in-house launch team.