Thinking Agile?

What are the Critical Keys to Success?

How Do You Effectively Set up a Pilot?

How Do You Operationalize Successfully?

Among recent hot topics in pharma and biotech, few have been more prevalent than Agile methodologies–but what does “Agile” mean for pharma versus other industries? What are the critical Agile considerations unique to pharma, and what ad/promo, commercial operations, and compliance factors must be taken into consideration when setting up projects or pilots?

During this webinar, TGaS Advisors, a division of Trinity Life Sciences, explores what Commercial pharma leaders need to know when considering the implementation of Agile methodologies. Driven by data from TGaS Advisors’ extensive network of pharma and biotech companies, this discussion will provide real-world insights into how Agile is currently being deployed in commercial pharma organizations.