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Providing curated, informed, and accurate insights on competitive and market environments across the life sciences industry

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Traditional competitive intelligence in life sciences has been limited by decades of established norms—datastreams have proliferated in an unorganized, static and
non-strategic manner while the industry, life sciences companies and brand teams have gotten more sophisticated.  

In response, pharma, biotech and medtech leaders are requiring a new, modernized competitive and market intelligence approach to answer key business questions in an efficient, intuitive way: 

  • Which Competitive Intelligence offerings are best aligned to our organizational and team needs? 
  • What is the overall commercial and clinical market context—and how is it evolving? 
  • How are individual competitors operating within the market landscape? 
  • In what ways can actionable insight be integrated strategically into our planning/workflow? 

Trinity’s Dynamic Market Intelligence uses next-generation analytics and strategies to offer life sciences leaders an integrated approach to making informed decisions in a complex competitive landscape. 

  • Our Dynamic Approach

    We focus on Trust: 

    We get to know you, your strategy, and your needs—and we help each of your stakeholders benefit from our vast industry knowledge  

    We provide Curation: 

    Our ability to produce meaningful insights for our clients occurs through a union of our people, data and technology. 

    • People: Your day-to-day team is comprised of industry strategists, analysts and PhD expertise. 
    • Technology: Advanced visualization and tracking technology enables easy absorption of relevant data. 
    • Data: Our data hub integrates 20+ subscriptions and sources, plus proprietary benchmarking data. 

    We deliver Clarity by: 

    • Triaging information for ease of prioritization 
    • Identifying areas that need attention 
    • Pinpointing warranted actions 
    • Assessing market reactions to new programs 
  • Trinity’s Intelligence Advantage

    Trinity Dynamic Market Intelligence’s offerings are modular, so you can select the exact elements you need for a successful market intelligence program 


    • Monitoring– Ongoing reports (monthly or quarterly) with customized executive-level summary of the latest updates 
    • Rapid Response– Weekly or near-real-time alerts via email of the latest news highlighting key implications for our clients 

    Structure & Enhancements: 

    • Dashboard– Cross-organization access to latest competitive intelligence through a user-friendly dashboard 
    • Workshops–  Competitive response workshops to identify actionable plans to deliver a winning strategy-  
    • Ad-hoc Projects– Additional secondary and primary research, to answer key questions that arise based on latest CI (PMR or desk research) 
    • Congress Coverage– Collection of visual data and voiceovers from oral & poster presentations,  

    Organizational Development & Competitive Intelligence Process 

    • Comparative Intelligence 
      • TGaS data shows “how it’s done” across representative companies, and supports decision making through insights from anonymized peer data 
      • Peer insights, while not direct CI, provide a range of support and answers to specialized needs, such as market access or medical affairs, giving “life” to how a manufacturer may logically proceed with or adjust plans 
    • Operationalized Intelligence 
      • Trinity can help establish an intelligence process, charter and/or communication plan for emerging biopharma or for new intel needs  
      • Infrastructure and integration process can support larger or more established intelligence, or can refresh the approach, optimize or support a full “market intel relaunch” 

Market Intelligence Dashboard

Trinity Market Intelligence Dashboard provides a unified, curated, and visualized resource that is designed to meet the needs of our clients’ CI end users. Backed by a searchable database and platform, the Dashboard can provide rapid turnaround of information and sustained change-over-time data. 

Trinity focuses on Curated, Dynamic Market Intelligence

Intelligence is not just about data—it’s about people, actions to enhance team performance, and trust that increases confidence in decision making.  

Trinity becomes an extension of your team—only when you win, we win. 

Dynamic Market Intelligence

Dynamic Market Intelligence

Our name speaks to the evolving paradigm of market intelligence, and the need for precise, informed interpretation in a timely and focused manner CONTEXTUALIZED: We go beyond traditional competitive intelligence to address our clients’ broader business questions and market context

Dynamic Market Intelligence

Dynamic Market Intelligence

AGILE: Business is ever-changing, and we change with it; our approach can flex and scale with the market and our clients ACTION-BASED: Action based on expertise; we don’t just react, we are proactive

Dynamic Market Intelligence

Dynamic Market Intelligence

DIRECTIONAL: Organized and instructional intelligence, developed with the end-user in mind CONSULTATIVE: Perspective driven by commercialization, scientific, and therapeutic area expertise

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