Measures the Life Sciences Industry Can Take to Facilitate Diversity in Clinical Trials

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The importance of ensuring diversity in clinical trials is undisputed, but barriers across the healthcare ecosystem still exist; what can healthcare regulators, policy makers, and manufacturers do to overcome challenges when recruiting clinical trial participants?

Host, Matthew Rube, a Senior Consultant at Trinity Life Sciences, joins two of the subject-matter experts that authored Trinity Life Sciences’ cornerstone white paper to discuss why ensuring diversity in clinical trials participation is such a critical issue, the results of the team’s research, and the action-oriented recommendations that they have for the life sciences industry.


Michele Andrews Headshot

Michele Andrews
Principal, Strategic Advisory &
Head of Dynamic Market Intelligence

Monique Marsh Headshot

Monique Marsh
Associate Director of Primary Market Research & Head of Qualitative Innovation and Implementation

Matthew Rube Headshot

HOST: Matthew Rube
Senior Consultant,
Evidence, Value, Access and Pricing


Download the White Paper: Diversity in Clinical Trials Participation: A Life Sciences Perspective to understand how you and your organization can help to further diversity in clinical trials.

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards this important research: 

Peter Palumbo, Patrick Hong, Monique Marsh, Shanice O’Brien, Courtney Poopat, Catherine Toal, Michele Andrews, Herman Sanchez, Sumudu Dehipawala, UT Yadav, Alexander Fish, Peter Baek, Alessandra Moscoso, Shruti Nambiar, and Justin Li 

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