Capitalizing on Opportunities to Drive Impact in Commercial Operations

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmaceutical companies have needed to pivot in the way they operate so that they can keep information flowing to providers and patients. Commercial Operations functions have since been capitalizing on opportunities to enhance their capabilities and drive impact across their organizations.

Host and Executive Commercial Operations Leader, Ken McDermott, joins a panel of three experts from TGaS Advisors, a division of Trinity Life Sciences, to discuss the shifting priorities as commercial teams work to evolve virtual and digital channels to engage with customers and sharpen advanced analytics.


HOST: Ken McDermott
Executive Commercial Operations Leader

Lisa Klein Headshot

Lisa Klein
Vice President,
Field Operations

Jerry Luciano Headshot

Jerry Luciano
Vice President,
Digital and Omnichannel Solutions

Steve Laux Headshot

Steve Laux
Vice President,
Commercial Insights and Advanced Analytics Solutions


Download the Advisory Brief: Read Trinity Life Sciences’ advisory brief ‘Capitalizing on Opportunities to Drive Impact in Commercial Operations’ to understand the data behind the insights based on Trinity’s work with 2000+ individuals across 300 partner companies, and the key themes that emerged during our 2022 Spring Virtual Client Summit.

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