COVID-19-Related Discussions Dominate Trinity’s TGaS Spring Summit

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Waltham, MA, May 27, 2020 — Trinity Life Sciences, a leader in global life sciences solutions, found that the majority of in-depth discussions at last week’s virtual TGaS Spring Summit focused on how pharmaceutical companies’ commercial operations need to adjust in response to the current pandemic. COVID-19-related topics that were addressed by the 337 pharmaceutical executives included:

  • Implications of delayed clinical trials
  • Next steps for field force re-entry (state and local guidelines, obtaining appropriate quantities of personal protective equipment (PPE), planning virtual POA/launch meetings, managing 2020 sales awards and performance appraisals)
  • Effective decision making and scenario planning (timing, key considerations and training/certification of customer-facing roles)
  • Long-term impact on business models and workforce behaviors
  • Accelerating the movement to digital strategies and other means of non-personal promotion to interact with healthcare providers in the future
  • Supporting telehealth initiatives and measuring in-market physician engagement

“As our biggest, and arguably, most important Summit to date, we were pleased to serve as a facilitator of conversation and provide insights and analytics on the major topics directly impacting pharma today,” said Gary McWalters, President of TGaS Advisors, a Division of Trinity. “It was no surprise that COVID-19-related topics dominated the conversation.”

Drug Launches in the Age of COVID-19

Drug launches during COVID-19 was a significant topic during the Summit. A recent TGaS benchmarking survey showed that 89 percent of companies have had an impact to their pre-launch activities due to COVID-19, with almost half of these companies reporting high impact.

One white paper that was distributed to attendees at the Summit was entitled: Approaching Launch in the Age of COVID-19, The New Normal for Drug Launches: How to Shift and Stay Ahead of the Curve. The paper finds that there are four “must-have” needs to set the stage for a successful launch during the pandemic:

  1. Recognize and adopt a mindset of change
  2. Customer-driven flexibility
  3. Organizational flexibility: planning, communication and alignment
  4. Data-driven flexibility

“The show must go on,” said Curt Staab, SVP, TGaS Advisors, a division of Trinity. “Drugs will and must launch during this pandemic, but a shift in mindset is needed to ensure success. The needs we detail in this paper are not new, they have been taking root for many years, but COVID-19 is bringing them to the surface and accelerating the need for pharma teams to be flexible and agile.”

A copy of Approaching Launch in the Age of COVID-19, The New Normal for Drug Launches: How to Shift and Stay Ahead of the Curve can be acquired on

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