Upcoming Demo Maps Out an Enterprise-Wide Approach to Delivering Meaningful Competitive Insights that Shape Strategy

Waltham, MA, July 13, 2023 — Trinity Life Sciences, a leader in global life sciences commercialization solutions, announces the launch of the Market Intelligence Dashboard to meet the needs of Competitive Intelligence (CI) teams and their end users. Built and powered by Trinity’s Dynamic Market Intelligence Center of Excellence (COE), the Market Intelligence Dashboard provides a steady stream of curated data and insights through the power of AI-enabled automation and the expertise of a dedicated team of “Intelligence Strategists.”

CI in life sciences has been impacted for decades by data streams proliferating in unorganized and non-strategic ways. The combination of more data and complexity has intensified problems that come from a traditional CI approach: a flow of data instead of insight, irrelevant information and missed nuances specific to therapeutic areas or competitor updates.

In response, life sciences leaders require a new, modernized intelligence approach to address key business questions in an efficient, intuitive way:

  • In the absence of predictive market data, what are the most likely scenarios for any competitor’s “next move?”
  • How should an internal CI process be structured, given a company’s growth objectives?
  • How can currently operating CI be optimized?
  • How can intelligence leaders educate stakeholders to understand the difference between verified insights vs. long-held beliefs or assumptions?
  • What ways can intelligence insights be better integrated and aligned across multiple functions?

“Especially in life sciences, increased sophistication is needed across competitive intelligence (CI) inputs—the way different data streams are ingested and synthesized is one example,” explained Herman Sanchez, Chief Business Officer at Trinity Life Sciences. “Attention to the format and communication of CI is equally important—CI departments can greatly increase their impact by delivering curated insights in an intuitive way.”

“Strategic market intelligence in life sciences can and should have an enterprise-wide approach. CI teams can successfully support their end users with thoughtful interpretation, tailored communication for each audience and visualization to drive usage and easy comprehension,” added Michele Andrews, Principal and Head of Dynamic Market Intelligence at Trinity Life Sciences. “Trinity’s Market Intelligence Dashboard was built to provide relevant information and insights in near real time—and to serve as a hub for CI leaders and stakeholders.”

A demo webinar on July 27, An Enterprise-Wide Approach to Delivering Meaningful Competitive Insights: A Demo, will feature Trinity’s Market Intelligence Dashboard and explore ways to provide internal stakeholders with answers to on-demand questions and rich insights quickly.

Life sciences executives can register here.

Members of the media who would like to attend the demo can contact Elizabeth Marshall at

About TrinityEDGE™
TrinityEDGE is a data and analytics platform that accelerates action by reshaping information into insights. Life sciences companies derive actionable insights from TrinityEDGE’s powerful engine daily. Executives in Corporate & New Product Strategy, Launch & Brand Excellence, Value & Access, Primary Market Research and Commercial Analytics are just a few clicks to insights with TrinityEDGE. The Market Intelligence Dashboard is part of IntelligenceEDGE, an application on TrinityEDGE.

About Trinity Life Sciences
Trinity Life Sciences is a trusted strategic commercialization partner, providing evidence-based solutions for the life sciences. With 25 years of experience, Trinity is committed to revolutionizing the commercial model by providing exceptional levels of service, powerful tools and data-driven insights. Trinity’s range of products and solutions includes industry-leading benchmarking solutions, powered by TGaS Advisors. To learn more about how Trinity is elevating life sciences and driving evidence to action, visit

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Elizabeth Marshall
Trinity Life Sciences

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