New Chat-based AI Interface Allows Life Sciences Executives to Unlock the Collective Power of All Their Brand Research

Waltham, MA, February 28, 2024 — Trinity Life Sciences, a leader in global life sciences commercialization solutions, today launched Brand Insights AI to develop, share and refine insights across the full breadth of biopharmaceutical brand research. Designed by experts with deep technical knowledge and expertise in the nuances of life sciences research, it allows insights and analytics teams to answer brand questions in seconds.

Trinity Brand Insights AI is a powerful insights tool that can ingest information from multiple sources, accelerate analysis, synthesize findings and uncover formerly unseen patterns. It is a catalyst for impactful, productive use of existing information and resources. Working across the research spectrum, Brand Insights AI is powered by a company’s data and Trinity AI’s tested expertise in developing, deploying and supporting applications for pharma commercial operations.

Insights and analytics teams in life sciences have a vast repository of archived, untapped information. Research catalogs are difficult to access and search—and drawing broad insights from them is very time-consuming. With Brand Insights AI, users can answer questions like:

  • How can teams across the organization tap into research they may not even know about?
  • Is new research needed to answer this question? Or was something similar done before?
  • Can brand research be integrated across projects, time and teams?
  • How can we be more impactful and productive with the information and resources we already have?
  • Can strategic decision-making be improved—and accelerated—with Generative AI (GenAI)?
  • How can new hires immediately tap into years of past research?

“GenAI is poised to revolutionize how insights leaders harness the collective power of all their research investments to make quick, informed decisions,” explained Aparna Deshpande, Senior Partner and Head of Insights at Trinity Life Sciences.  “The deep investments Trinity has made in the latest AI innovations allow us to put the power in the hands of our clients to efficiently unearth insights from trusted past research. Brand Insights AI represents the intersection of AI and our biopharma-specific market research expertise, combined to supercharge a brand’s insights.”

“The most exciting part of the latest technological developments is seeing a client team embrace a new tool and achieve a result that would not have been possible just a short while ago,” added Rajeev Rangachari, Chief Technology Officer at Trinity Life Sciences. “Trinity Brand Insights AI is an excellent example of a paradigm-shifting tool for brand and insights teams that uses the latest technology. Now, anyone on the team can ask their questions and receive summarized answers and citations in seconds.”

Trinity Brand Insights AI

Brand Insights AI, Trinity’s chat-based AI interface, is designed to unlock the collective power of a company’s insights by connecting to primary market research (PMR), secondary literature and data (qualitative/quantitative research, interview transcripts and notes, open-ended responses, PPT deliverables and much more). Trinity’s AI application is private to each enterprise and ensures that data and valuable intellectual property (IP) are always secure and never inappropriately shared. Brand Insights AI allows brand and insights teams to:

  • Immediately access and summarize brand research
  • Enhance institutional memory on research
  • Streamline research processes and optimize research budgets
  • Increase productivity in high-value analytical work

Trinity Life Sciences Forum on AI
Trinity is hosting an AI forum, Making AI Real: Lessons From the Frontlines, on April 23, 2024 at the Sheraton Commander Hotel in Cambridge, MA. Created for Commercial Operations leaders and Chief Commercial Officers in the life sciences industry, the agenda includes valuable insights and real-life examples of AI applications for pharma commercial operations. Participants will learn how to leverage AI technologies to implement practical solutions that have been field-tested in the industry. For more information or to register, click here.

On-Demand Webinar Now Available
Trinity discusses how pharma companies can move beyond the hype to unlock the value of GenAI in the on-demand webinar: Cracking the Code on Generative AI: From Hype to Impact. AIML is here. Be ready with Trinity. 

Life sciences executives are welcome to access the webinar here.

About Trinity Life Sciences
Trinity Life Sciences is a trusted strategic commercialization partner, providing evidence-based solutions for the life sciences. With more than 25 years of experience, Trinity is committed to revolutionizing the commercial model by providing exceptional levels of service, powerful tools and data-driven insights. Trinity’s range of products and solutions includes industry-leading benchmarking solutions, powered by TGaS Advisors. To learn more about how Trinity is elevating life sciences and driving evidence to action, visit

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Trinity Life Sciences

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