What career phase are you in? We are looking for exceptional undergraduates, passionate advanced degree candidates and entrepreneurial professionals. Trinity is committed to developing our people and growing your career.

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We’re looking for talented, committed, and entrepreneurial individuals to join our teams.

Preparing for Your Interview

Our recruiting process enables us to learn a lot about your experience and goals while helping you to learn more about Trinity. We will ask candidates both behavioral and life science related interview questions.

How to Succeed in a Case-Oriented Interview

  • Understand the questions before you speak, and ask for clarification when needed
  • Listen carefully, particularly for hints the interviewer may offer
  • When answering, be organized and concise, and use a structured approach
    • Start with broader concepts and then narrow down to finer points
    • Think creatively, draw on your personal experience, and do not guess
  • Always feel free to take notes
  • Make eye contact
  • Clarify any assumptions you are making and explain their logic
  • When sizing a market, think about the relative units and try to be quantitative

Practice Case

Complete a practice case to advise a client on how to enter the dermatology and ophthalmology markets.