New Stakeholder Insight Assessment Tool from Trinity Life Sciences Offers Clarity by Specialty, Product and Indication in Just Seven Days

Waltham, MA, June 16, 2020 — Trinity Life Sciences, a leader in global life sciences solutions, introduces a new turnkey stakeholder insight research tool that evaluates the impact of COVID-19 on patient management and load, prescribing and compliance behaviors and sales detailing relative to pre-COVID times. COVIDPulse helps pharma companies understand how the pandemic has impacted their base business, how telemedicine has changed the landscape and what change (if any) there has been on utilization of a specific product or product mix.

COVIDPulse can be used to measure the impact in the U.S., Europe and Japan (requires an additional two days) and offers robust standardized analytics with benchmarks and executive level pre-programmed outputs in just seven days.

“Now more than ever, life sciences companies need to understand how COVID-19 has affected healthcare providers, physician practices and patients,” said Dave Fitzhenry, CEO, Trinity Life Sciences. “COVIDPulse allows pharma companies to assess how physicians are coping with treating patients during the pandemic and how they, as the manufacturer of critical drugs and treatments, need to provide support.”

Designed to measure by physician specialty, product and indication, the key questions COVIDPulse answers include:

  • What impact has the pandemic had on patient volume? Are physicians treating any new patients?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted prescribing patterns and compliance?
  • What has been the impact, if any, in getting access to treatment and insurance approval?
  • How are patients being treated (onsite or via telemedicine)?
  • How are patient infusions being managed? What has been the impact on buy-and-bill?
  • What are physicians’ biggest current unmet needs? What are their concerns? How can manufacturers better support them?

COVIDPulse can also be customized to accommodate more nuanced market questions or used in conjunction with other Trinity COVID-related offerings for forecasting, patient journey and salesforce planning. COVIDPulse can be used as a snapshot or on an ongoing basis to monitor shift over time to support decision-making.

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