Mapping Payer & Employer Perceptions of Novel Migraine Therapies to Support Access Strategy Development

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Trinity conducted a payer and employer advisory board to understand current perceptions of novel migraine therapies and potential strategies to improve access.

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Client Situation

The client wanted to gather the payer and employer perspective on how the migraine landscape is evolving, and pressure test key strategic options as well as messages that they had developed. The employers included:  Coca-Cola Company, Metro Nashville Public Schools, St. Louis Community College, and Vibra Healthcare.

Trinity’s Solution

Trinity conducted an unblinded advisory board with a diverse set of payers and employee benefit managers to understand current perceptions of the migraine landscape and the employer interaction with payers as it pertains to influencing employee access to novel migraine therapies.


  • Moderator Guide targeting each advisory board stakeholder
  • Pre-Survey and Workbook materials designed to capture individual data responses
  • Two advisory board sessions where the client played an active role – including individual payer and employer breakout sessions 
  • Final Report and Executive Summary synthesizing live / written payer and employer insights, highlighting strategic opportunities, challenges, and recommendations

Project Outcomes & Impact

Bringing together both payers and employers into an ad board setting created a real-world dynamic that is not often simulated through market research activities. The feedback within the section on “Cross-Stakeholder Approaches to Engagement on Migraine” provided the client with clear insights on how to effectively engage both stakeholder groups, with a primary output being a tool that payers can use to educate their employer clients on costs associated with migraine and to inform them on how to mitigate costs for their organizations

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