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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 101

You have likely heard all the buzz around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML), but what does it really mean? It’s time to cut through the complexity during Trinity Life Sciences’ AIML 101 webinar.

This webinar is designed for the AIML novice, who knows very little about the topic but doesn’t want to be left behind. Join Steve Laux, Vice President of Commercial Insights & Advanced Analytics at Trinity, as he “de-jargonizes” and demystifies AIML. Attendees will also receive a handy AIML glossary.

AIML is here. Be ready with Trinity.

AMTM Speakers

Our recent Annual Management Team Meeting featured a variety of guest speakers across our three regional event sites; with the aim to increase exposure to our corporate network; to share perspectives on the “why” behind our 5-Year Plan; and to reinforce the critical role our Managers play in achieving that vision.

We invite you to review those talks. Click the icons in the bottom-right of any of the viewing windows to access jump-to chapter markers, expand to full-screen or turn on closed captioning.

BOA Speaker – Susan Denman

Havas Speaker – Brian Robinson

BOA Speaker – Scott Evangelista

Client Speaker – Bobby Riehle