It’s a cliché to say “our people are our greatest strength.” But for over twenty years, the men and women who make up the Trinity team have been the foundation of our culture and the key to our competitive advantage. That is why we put a premium on not only identifying, onboarding, and cultivating top talent but supporting the long-term growth of each member of our team. Indeed, half of Trinity’s executive team began their own careers at Trinity and have grown into their leadership roles.

It starts with ensuring team members have a fulfilling experience at Trinity. From best-in-class onboarding and high value feedback, to meaningful opportunities to learn and advance to management and leadership, our goal is to give every member of our team an exceptional employee experience and clear roadmap for career development both at Trinity and beyond.

To nurture the continued development of every team member, we identify and concentrate on the skills and experiences needed for success at the time they are most impactful. We require every member of our team to proactively set goals for their own personal development. In return, we provide multiple avenues for training and on-the-job learning, coaching and mentoring, detailed and constructive performance feedback, and regular discussions about professional development.

Best-In-Class Onboarding

We bring each team member aboard with a single expectation: that they’ll make an immediate impact. But impact alone does not necessarily lead to building success. At Trinity we strive for a collaborative and comprehensive approach to activating on each person’s talent that starts on day one.

At Trinity, we recognize that the first 3-6 months in a role has a big impact on long-term success. So during the onboarding process, we make sure new hires have ample opportunity to:

  • Familiarize themselves with Trinity’s unique business model, functional expertise, and foundational customer service and consulting practices.
  • Learn on a continued, role-specific basis in an on-the-job application
  • Benefit from training topics offered both in group or self-driven/on-demand settings.
  • Take part in a customer project simulation exercise, applying knowledge towards real-life insights.  

High Value Feedback

Everyone needs feedback – from the new hires fresh out of college to industry veterans. At Trinity, we make feedback that’s regular, respectful and constructive a priority, including:

  • Project-Specific Feedback. Post-Project 360 Feedback from peers/project managers
  • 1:1’s. Regular check-ins with the team member’s manager
  • Reviews. From New Hire 90-Day feedback to set short-term goals, to 1:1 Feedback Digests throughout the year to understand how learnings are being applied to projects personal goals to an annual review of performance setting goals for the next 6-12 months.

In addition, we provide resources for additional perspective and coaching, including routine check-ins with leaders, champions and mentors.

Foundational Career Development Pathways

Starting our careers brings with it many big decisions – from the type of company we want to work for, to the kind of work that will excite us, to where we want to live. At Trinity, we want to help team members make the right decisions to get them started on the right path.

Kicking off each Fall, our “First Year Forum” helps incoming career-starters understand the experience of working in a customer services-based environment and the ‘Trinity’ experience of our work and work culture. The forum also provides team members with tools for quicker acclimation and ideas to encourage a routine of self-reflection.

Over the first year, we also provide a number of meaningful opportunities for new hires to make sure they continue to progress in their career development:

Month 1

  • Journal entry exercise
  • Overview of key expectations for first year

Month 3

  • Achievements and challenges so far
  • Learnings from Year 2 team members

Month 6

  • Q&A on what to expect in the first review cycle
  • Set personal goals for next 6-12 months

Month 9

  • “Everything I Wish I Knew But Was Afraid to Ask” panel with year 2-4 team members.


Closeout and Looking Ahead

Management Acceleration and Continued Learning

At Trinity we accelerate our team members through the journey from individual contributor to project & people manager.

Management Accelerator. Utilizing a combination of executive-level mentorship, thoughtful customer staffing, milestone-based learning, and goal-setting, our Management Accelerator helps experienced hires apply their past experience to a new business model and to then build up their project and people management skills with a client-service orientation.

Continued Learning. We put equal emphasis on developing our managers and leaders as we do our incoming team members. Trainings and topics include:

  • Annual discussion series on the transition to Management or Leadership.
  • Introduction to people management practices and principles
  • Supporting customers and teams
  • Foundations of business development
  • Monthly people management trainings
  • Ongoing leader and manager forums
  • 1:1 coaching and ad hoc support

An Exceptional Experience

Central to having a great career is also having a great work experience. We believe the employee experience is what makes working at Trinity special. These include:

  • Work-Based Experiences. From industry learning and exposure presenting to customers, to whitepaper involvement and innovation working groups.
  • Trinity Events. These include everything from group outings and “Lunch & Learn” discussions, to all-company meetings and happy hours, we work to create opportunities for team members to socialize, learn and get to know one another.
  • Member-Led Initiatives. From Trinity Gives Back volunteering events to Trinity’s PhD Group and to our subsidized sports teams, our goal is to give employees the opportunity to lead initiatives that bring team members together in common purpose.
  • Benefits & Perks. From wellness programs and work flexibility to advanced degree sponsorship, we want team members to understand all the ways they can benefit from the experience of working at Trinity.