Originally founded in 1996 as Trinity Partners, Trinity has since grown to a global team of advisors, technical experts, data integrators and technology innovators. Our track record of consistent growth for over two decades has been fueled by our commitment to our clients, our passion for the life sciences, and depth of expertise in the industry. Since the beginning, we have been evidence-forward in all our analyses and recommendations, focused on quality and accuracy first and foremost. Today, having leveraged our thoughtful approach and dedication into a global organization, we have the client footprint, deep experience, and technology solutions to have a powerful impact on our clients’ business, and the industry as a whole.

Trinity’s approach is focused on our foundation of three: advisory services, insights & analytics, and technology.   By seamlessly integrating each of these solutions, we are able to meet the distinct needs of both emerging biotech firms and established pharmaceutical companies. We can provide comprehensive end-to-end analytical and strategic support to early stage companies, as well as tools and solutions for larger, more established life sciences clients.   Our deep industry expertise, powerful tools, and focus on evidence-based insights has enabled us to drive commercialization forward for some of the most innovative therapies and devices in the industry. 

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Trinity Edge

TrinityEdge is the basis of all we do, empowering differentiated insights that enable us to solve critical commercialization challenges. TrinityEdge is our industry-leading platform that brings together data, analytics, and technology to meet customers at their point of need.  It’s what makes working with Trinity unlike working with any other partner.  

Our Values

While we are always growing at Trinity, the core values that have motivated our team for two decades have remained the same.  We base our relationships with our clients on trust, manifested through a commitment to going beyond what is expected.   Trinity company culture is deeply rooted in our shared passion for healthcare, respect for the life changing innovations our customers pursue, and an innate sense of intellectual curiosity that fuels everything we do.   

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