Recombinant factor VIII Fc Fusion Protein for Immune Tolerance Induction in Patients with Severe Haemophilia A with Inhibitors – A Retrospective Analysis

Immune tolerance induction (ITI) is the gold standard for eradication of factor VIII inhibitors in severe haemophilia A; however, it usually requires treatment for extended periods with associated high burden on patients and healthcare resources.

The aim is to review outcomes of ITI with recombinant factor VIII Fc fusion protein (rFVIIIFc) in patients with severe haemophilia A and high‐titre inhibitors.


Carcao M, Shapiro A, Staber J, Hwang N, Druzgal C, Lieuw K, Belletrutti M, Thornburg C, Ahuja S, Morales-Arias J, Dumont J, Jaworski K, Miyasato G, Tsao E, Jain N, Pipe S


Haemophilia, February 2018

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