Immunosuppressant Use and Gout in the Prevalent Solid Organ Transplant Population

Gout is a frequent co-morbidity of solid organ transplant (SOT). Cyclosporine (CsA) is often cited as the main cause of gout in SOT, as other immunosuppressant (IS) regimens were associated with lower gout rates (e.g. 1980s studies of azathioprine monotherapy). In most guidelines & institutions, tacrolimus (TAC) has replaced CsA in SOT IS regimens. However, two questions are largely unknown: (1) to what degree is CsA still used among prevalent SOT patients? (2) can CsA fully explain high rates of gout still seen among SOT patients?

This retrospective patient claims data analysis was performed to evaluate IS use and gout in the prevalent SOT population.


Andrew Milgroom, Mara Onita Lenco, Kevin Francis, Jeffrey Kent, Brian Lamoreaux, Richard J. Johnson


American College of Rheumatology Meeting, October 2018

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