Commercializing Cell and Gene Therapies: Overcoming the Barriers to Commercial Success

Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) is an exciting new frontier in the biopharmaceutical industry. The novelty of the technology and market introduces many complexities for companies commercializing CGTs.

This white paper analyzes the challenges faced and outlines six key questions to consider for reducing complexity and supporting commercial success:

  1. Are we confident in the supply chain right up until administration of the treatment to the patient?
  2. Do we have the right pricing, reimbursement, and evidence model in place, not just the right price?
  3. Can we trace our product journey and understand every stakeholder that is involved in the delivery of our treatment?
  4. Do we have a field force that can manage the unique task of preparing the market and marketing the CGT treatment?
  5. Have we set the right expectations for the uptake of our CGT with our stakeholders?
  6. Have we identified how to build a platform that supports longer-term competitiveness in the CGT market?


Jackson Carroll, Dr. Tony Xu, Krista Perry, Christian Frois, Brenna Liponis, Alexander Fink

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