Data lives at the center of every successful Life Sciences company and is pivotal to achieving viable commercialization.

Every day the endeavor to properly leverage data becomes harder, whether it’s finding the proper sources, managing integration, applying the best methodology, and/or interpreting results. 

Trinity’s Commercial Data Solutions provide a data-driven analytics solution that allows our customers to navigate modern data problems by providing critical, accurate insights that are essential to product commercialization. With three core components—Roadmap, Commercial Data Platform, and Business Intelligence Platform—we bring together data from disparate sources to offer a timely, secure, and scalable solution that is accessible to an organization’s entire team.

Designed specifically for Life Sciences, Trinity’s Commercial Data Solutions Suite delivers results at every stage of the product lifecycle, offering the strategic advice necessary to map commercial data and systems requirements, reduce implementation and change management timelines. Most importantly, this helps avoid the costly roadblocks that often slow long-term success.

The Roadmap
Commercial Data Platform
Business Intelligence (BI) Platform

The Roadmap

With over a decade of experience, Trinity’s Roadmap Solutions Team delivers a tailored execution plan (“roadmap”) to build commercial operations function, including:

  • Defined Key Strategic Business Objectives
  • Detailed Workflows covering Distribution, Patient Services, CRM (customer relationship management), and MDM (master data management)
  • Data Inventory and Secondary Data Evaluations
  • Logical System Design
  • Personnel Recommendations and Launch Timelines

In addition, Trinity’s requirements-gathering sessions enable organizations to hone in on data management, essential reports, and to identify systems and personnel.

Commercial Data Platform

Data wrangling and utilization is expensive and complex. Trinity provides a true “end-to-end” data management solution supplying accurate, actionable, and on-demand data processing for the entire organization. Seamlessly integrating data sources into mastered and normalized objects, our industry-focused and data-agnostic mapping engine, coupled with our cloud-based infrastructure, drives productivity and shortens time to production.

The CDP allows users unprecedented access to unified and integrated data sets that are “harmonized” to accommodate any data that a business needs to make informed and non-biased decisions.

Reducing time-to-data from months to days, our All-In-One Platform is built to support specific data and analytics needs by focusing on:

  • Hosting
  • Scalability and Extensibility
  • Secured Data Access
  • Data Integration
  • Quality and Accuracy
  • Master Data Management
  • Single Sign On (SSO) With Microsoft 365 integration

Business Intelligence (BI) Platform

Our Life Sciences-focused Business Intelligence (BI) Platform is the product of Trinity’s decades-long and finely-honed industry experience. Our deep data expertise translates into swift implementations and cost-effective solutions that deliver actionable insights at every level of your organization.

Versed with all major industry data sources, systems, and providers, Trinity can help an organization navigate and select data sets to properly respond to business needs. Leveraging a rich set of Dashboard, Reporting, and KPI templates within an innovative, turnkey solution, Trinity’s BI platform offers rapid customizations to ensure a solution that is tailored for any organization.

With a portal that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office365, our BI platform provides access to data and a Dashboard suite to the full organization, from the executive leadership to field operation teams. Our pre-designed dashboards can be easily customized to fit specific needs.

Trinity’s analytical approach provides managers and analysts the ability to derive insights from baseline data to understand trends arising from operational reporting. Self-service functionality provides instant access to source data from the Commercial Data Environment.