Trinity offers a comprehensive suite of solutions and dedicated pricing and market access team that brings deep methodological expertise together with direct industry experience to develop tailored approaches to each product and market. Trinity’s team has informed pricing, access, reimbursement, and contracting (PARC) decisions for over 100 assets including a wide range of emerging technologies like gene therapy as well as highly competitive markets like diabetes. 

Trinity’s broad experience in all geographies and both retail and hospital markets gives customers the historical context and analogs for current pricing and market access questions they need as well as a thoughtful perspective on the future state of this increasingly important force in the life sciences industry. 

Payer/Pricing Strategy

Trinity’s Payer Strategy projects help brands maximize their place in the market by developing and pressure testing pricing plans and gathering or generating the evidence necessary to support those plans. Trinity offers a complete solution from a high-level strategic pricing plan all the way to detailed tactics about specific discounts and plan structures.

Customers benefit from leveraging Trinity’s payer network in all major geographies, giving us a unique ability to gather valuable feedback from stakeholders on the ground and discuss pricing specifics in each country or payer type on a peer-to-peer level.   

Each year we conduct projects on numerous global products with a variety of features: 

  • Specialty pharma, physician/in-hospital administered, or pharmacy benefit products 
  • US payers: Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Cash 
  • EU: National/regional pricing authorities by country 
  • Strategies involving multiple discounts and variable structures 
  • Strategies on WAC vs. net pricing 

Contracting Strategy

Trinity’s provider contract development methodology supports customers prior to product or contract launch with engagements ranging from contract design and modeling, to contract training, field tools and scenario planning. Post-launch, we support moving from concept to contract to performance evaluation, ongoing contract management and administration, gross-to-net (GTN) assessment, and competitive contract response.

Through collaborative working sessions, detailed account data analysis, and rigorous economic modeling, we identify our customers’ primary objectives and goals, and determine the optimal structure and strategy to help them overcome various barriers to contracts that can get in the way of success.

Our comprehensive understanding of the current access environment in the customer’s therapeutic area and ability to seamlessly integrate key business questions and strategy into detailed economic modeling and analysis, allows us to routinely serve as a long-term partner, providing ongoing support, contract analysis and updates, and insightful guidance over the entire life of the product or contract.

Value Proposition

Over the past decade, payers have become increasingly influential on the uptake and usage of products in the Life Sciences market. Recognizing this shift, Trinity works with our customers to develop a compelling, targeted articulation of the value of the product to payers by tailoring methodologies to each market context.  In addition, we employ multiple industry-leading methodologies and incorporate feedback from primary market research with payers to refine value propositions. The goal is an effective, nuanced, and payer-centric message to communicate a strong payer value story.