Trinity’s Strategic Product Planning offerings address the unique needs of customers setting up their brand for long-term success. Our expertise in laying the foundation for commercial understanding, providing input to the development plan, and articulating the points of uncertainty gives our customers a reliable partner every step of the way. 

With deep verticals in primary market research, data analytics, and strategic forecasting, our uniquely integrated approach to strategic and new product planning combines best-in-class methods and products with advisory services to ensure that strategy is central from the early stages of product development.

New Product Planning Strategic Forecasting

New Product Planning

Trinity’s New Product Planning projects help our clients develop products that will resonate in the market. Our suite of offerings identifies the needs of market stakeholders and designs strategies to optimize the product, with cost-effective approaches to ensure the appropriate level of rigor for each stage of development. New project planning provides a solid foundation upon which early commercialization teams can build as the product proceeds through development.

Strategic Forecasting

Forecasting is the bedrock on which Trinity was founded, and continues to be our most frequent project type each year. Our expertise is developing an appropriate framework to value early-stage products with limited information and risk assessment tools necessary to account for the uncertainty inherent in early stage forecasting.

With superior industry knowledge, accessibility, transparency, and close communication with multiple internal stakeholder groups, Trinity excels at developing assumptions that are well-supported with data, analogs, and aligned with our customers’ teams.

Whether customers need a stand-alone strategic forecast or to leverage best-in-class methodologies to populate their assumptions, Trinity can support all early commercialization forecasting needs.