Trinity works with a range of companies at all stages of the lifecycle, to define, execute and optimize the path to commercialization. We have helped hundreds of companies launch new assets and indications, and supplement brand teams with functional and/or therapeutic experience. We work with Commercial teams to leverage data and insights to optimize project trajectory from pre-launch through post-launch. 

Launch Excellence

We design Launch Excellence projects to help customers achieve an effective, efficient, and successful launch of their new product or indication. Our team of senior leaders brings customers decades of experience and dozens of past product launches to help design, implement, and track the right plan for the right situation. With unparalleled commercial benchmark data from TGaS® Advisors, we help our customers effectively scale and prepare their organizations for launch.

No two product launches are the same. But the key to every successful launch is a deep understanding the customer’s organization and strategic vision – and activities that are aligned to those objectives. To create a launch plan, our diverse functional expertise and seasoned leadership work closely with customers to identify gaps and facilitate alignment. Further, we help our customers with all aspects of plan management, from creating the right tools to track progress on pre-launch activities and facilitating launch readiness workshops, to providing launch tracking support on an ongoing basis and full-scale onsite project management.

With clear internal alignment, strong cross-functional communication, and accountability from the whole team, customers from small biotechs preparing their first commercial launch to global biopharma companies seeking to raise the bar for launch planning, Trinity has the experience and the expertise to help.   

Launch Strategy

Every successful launch requires a strong strategy and vision for the organization and brand in the marketplace. At Trinity, we have the unique ability to not only help clients set the strategy but also execute on that strategy.  

By leveraging our full suite of capabilities—from strategic analog analysis, primary and secondary market research, and data analytics—we provide customers with the stakeholder and market insights that they need to set the right strategy and approach to launching their brand. 

Critical to every good launch plan is foundational knowledge of the product and market. We consistently help our customers during the pre-launch planning process with research that fills multiple unmet clinical and non-clinical needs in the marketplace, including:

  • Market landscape development leveraging analogs, secondary data, and commercial claims
  • Qualitative primary market research with key customers to evaluate the product profile 
  • Quantitative demand research to provide critical inputs to forecasting and budget-setting 
  • Patient journey research—both qualitative and quantitative—to holistically understand the needs of the patient, provider, and other stakeholders, and identify key leverage points for our customers

With a full suite of capabilities, customers can look to Trinity for the collaborative partnership they need to develop a full picture of their product strategy.