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Cell and gene therapies represent the next major breakthrough in the development of innovative treatments for severe diseases, with the possibility to address the root causes of disease and provide lasting clinical value, and in some cases, a cure.  

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Given their unique features (e.g., long-term benefit with one-time administration and high upfront cost), pricing and access considerations for cell and gene therapies often differ from more conventional treatments. Value propositions and corresponding launch strategies for cell and gene therapies must therefore consider key challenges such as justification of an upfront price, validation of long-term clinical benefit, and proof of potential cost offsets in the long-term, to ensure pricing, access, and utilization goals can be achieved.  

So far, some of the most poignant advances in this field of medicine have been in oncology and rare diseases, both spaces in which Trinity has deep expertise. Over the last few years, our extensive, global knowledge has enabled us to support the launches of some of the most impactful cell and gene therapies, and we continue to help our clients navigate unique pricing and access challenges faced by this class of specialized treatments. 

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