While we share a passion for our work and making a difference, Trinity believes that our diversity provides us with differing perspectives and experiences vital to being better colleagues to one another. Further, our diversity enhances our partnerships to the customers we serve and the millions of people who rely on them for critical advancement in the life sciences.

Backed by executive-level support and participation, we provide team members across global offices with a broad set of offerings that build more awareness and open dialogue about the value of our diversity. Trinity endeavors to help our team truly appreciate how diversity can maximize creativity and innovation for our customers.

Trinity is also committed to being a welcoming place for professionals of all backgrounds and identities. As such, we strive to foster an inclusive workspace that recognizes implicit or unconscious bias and takes unmistakable action to minimize its effects. Our commitment to inclusion is based on a belief that it is when we demonstrate mutual respect for one another—free of pressure to engage in political, religious, or cultural debates—that we can also bring out the best in one another.

Trinity Perspectives Learning

To better understand each other and work together, we offer numerous diversity and inclusion trainings, workshops and learning opportunities throughout the year. These include:

Diversity Trainings

  • Annual Unconscious Bias Workshop – helping Trinity team members understand how we can identify our own implicit bias and take corrective action.
  • Annual DiSC Work Style Assessment and workshop – DiSC profiles (Dominance/Influence/Conscientiousness/Steadiness) help team members learn how we can adapt and appreciate our working and communication styles

Diversity Workshops

  • Global Cultural Workshop – helping Trinity work more effectively across global offices and teams, acknowledging cultural norms based on our local social and professional cultures
  • Quarterly Panel Discussions and Roundtables – with topics ranging from gender in the workplace, cultural influences, LGBTQ&A professional experiences, these discussions build awareness and empathy among our team.

Cultural Networking

  • Cultural Connectivity Lunches – in which team members volunteer to be randomly assigned lunchmates for a day to foster networking and understanding across functional and office lines
  • Affinity Groups – Staff are encouraged to join a virtual affinity group, where articles, Q&A, and encouragement is shared across our global offices.

Spotlight On Gender Diversity: Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA)

Trinity believes gender diversity is central to our success as an organization and to the life sciences field more broadly. Since 2011, we have been a corporate sponsor of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association – a global nonprofit committed to achieving gender parity in leadership positions, facilitating career and business connections, and providing effective practices that enable organizations to realize the full potential of their female talent.

With over 20 active HBA members across our US-based offices, Trinity is also represented on the advisory committee for the Waltham HBA Chapter, where our headquarters are located.

Gender Discussion Series

Trinity HBA’s chapter sponsors events each year that often include panelists or participants from other chapters and within the industry. Events span a range of topics related to the life sciences industry or to corporate work environments. Examples include:

  • The Journey to Mom and Leader: Panel discussion with a range of women Managers and Executives, who shared their stories of balancing work and home life; and offered advice on how to forge your own career path that leaves room for both professional leadership and parenthood.
  • Pay Equity Study: In conjunction with our Human Resources team, Trinity HBA members employed their skills and expertise to execute a detailed statistical analysis of staff compensation based on group, tenure, and function. A workshop offered a readout of that effort, which validated Trinity’s commitment to pay equity in its compensation practices.
  • Co-Sponsored Industry Event: In 2018 Trinity’s HBA Group Co-Sponsored a panel discussion event with Pfizer that drew over 120 industry attendees and a strong mix of female and male audience members and panelists alike.

The Manbassador Program

Modeled on the program at Berkeley Haas, this innovative effort invites the men at Trinity to play an active role in the fight for gender equity. The program aims to not only “include” men in the conversation, but also to encourage men to take a more active role in educating and inspiring other men to work towards gender equity, and serve as an ally for women. Nearly a dozen Trinity Manbassadors have been actively participating in our HBA bi-monthly discussion sessions, and take part in regularly scheduled coffee chats as a forum to debrief on a range of relevant and engaging gender equity topics.