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To celebrate our 25th Anniversary we asked some of the leaders at Trinity how we got here and what’s in store for the future.

John Corcoran, Founder

Hear how it all began.

Leslie Orne, Chief Client Officer

Gain insight into Trinity’s impact on the life sciences industry.

Jessie Cawley, Vice President, Human Resources & Michelle Adams, Vice President, Organizational Development

Learn what it means to be part of the Trinity culture and what’s to come as we continue to grow.

Gary McWalters, President, Client Solutions

Walk through Trinity’s acquisitions over the years and how they were a huge success for the business.

Dave Fitzhenry, Chief Executive Officer

Learn about our growth, impact on the industry,
and our goals for the future.

Trinity’s 25th Anniversary Happy Hour Event

Join our team

As a company, we value trust – both within our company and with our customers. Trinity has a track record of unflinching commitment to our endeavors, always going beyond what is expected. We pride ourselves on our shared dedication to advancing the life sciences and a passion for healthcare.